Best Emergency Food for your Family- Nutritious & Tasty (not Ramen or Fillers)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! – that is what they have been telling us since we were little kids. But many things have changed since then, including doctors and… apples! The necessity of adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is clear and undeniable, but the execution can be pretty challenging! Ruvi was created to give everyday people easy access to important nutrients on the go.

Ruvi is a health drink powder. It is made from freeze dried fruits and vegetables in their most natural forms. The best thing about Ruvi  is that it doesn’t have any sugar, preservatives or fillers!

It comes in powdered form in convenient packets. Unlike a smoothie, there is no preparation involved. To drink it, just open and empty the packet in a glass of bottle, add water and shake it.

Each packet provides four servings of fruits and vegetables.

This delicious health booster can bring you a variety of great benefits. But in order to help you to really understand what makes it so great, we’ll discuss what makes Ruvi different from other drinks on the market. We’ll talk about the science behind your body’s needs, and how Ruvi can bring you closer to your health goals.

A healthy lifestyle is tricky!

The more environmentally aware we become, the more obvious it is, that the chances to get ultimately healthy and clean food today are pretty funky! In the chase for revenue, competing farmers and manufacturers use pesticides, GMO seeds, and chemicals. Because the size of the harvest is much more important than its quality. 

And then they just put nice and colorful stickers on their products. We buy them hoping to contribute to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing. But in fact, we insert all those chemicals and pesticides into our family`s diet!

May be you are lucky enough to buy from a credible retailer or directly from an organic farm. But then, how fast do you think you and your children will get tired of eating the same fruit and vegetable salads every day? Yes, you will have to surf the Internet looking for various cooking recipes and storing lifehacks! 

Those of us who have enough time, patience, and cooking skills are truly lucky! But let’s imagine for a second that you have a family, job, social life. 

Every day you have to cook breakfast, serve dinner, prepare your kids’ lunchboxes, and make a healthy snack to work. That sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?!           

There are plenty of heath and nutrition products already on the market. But the creators at Ruvi had the feeling that something was still missing. 

So many popular health aids are filled with confusing chemicals, unnatural energy sources, and a wide variety of ingredients. Those are made to hack your body rather than to actually enhance it.

When they made Ruvi, it was with nature in mind. The food scientists at Ruvi knew that they wanted to make something that could make a difference, but would only rely on what the body actually needs.

Many Popular Health Drinks Have:

  • Unrecognizable ingredients
  • Added sugar
  • Fillers
  • Artificial flavors

Is there a solution?

If only there were someone to help you! Just imagine – a team of qualified experts in healthcare and nutrition who work for you! They have put together their knowledge and experience to help you provide a healthy diet and lifestyle for your family! 

They have scrupulously picked the best fruits and vegetables from credible and certified suppliers. Then they developed unique recopies and exquisite combinations to suit human sensitivitie! And then, they came up with an innovative packaging solution! It instantly helps you store your fruits and vegetables safely and get them any time you like. No excessive cooking and dishwashing needed.

Well, here is some good news! Ruvi is an innovative and modern nutrition solution. It can help you elevate your diet and provide your family with natural, high-quality fruits and vegetables in a new, fun, and convenient format.

Moreover, Ruvi observes the suppliers and manufacturers constantly. The company makes sure that with each Ruvi packet, you get pure and clean fruits and vegetables. And it comes without a trace of surrogates, pesticides, GMOs, or any other synthetic add-ons.

So why is Ruvi a big deal ?

Ruvi is made using natural products that are designed to optimize your health. They do so by giving you the nutrients and fiber that the human body needs to thrive. 

Ruvi isn’t just a drink mix. It is actual fruits and vegetables, and nothing else. This drink is made exclusively using fruits and vegetables when they are at their absolute best, making it like you chose the ingredients yourself at the store. 

Not another supplement but something that you’ll actually enjoy

You may Think that Ruvi is a cocktail blend or a supplement. But Ruvi Blends are nothing like any other product you have seen before. Instead of adding a bunch of so-called health boosters, they just took the time to find a way to bring full servings of fruits and vegetables into an easy to drink format. 

Every packet of Ruvi drink contains the exact serving of fruits and vegetables necessary for a healthy and balanced diet. And it does not have anything except natural fruits and vegetables. There is no sugar, taste enhancers, or colorings that you may find in other packets.

In other words, Ruvi is just a convenient modern way to get, store, and eat fresh and clean veggies every day. Nutrition experts who created it made sure that every serving has the necessary vitamins, elements, and fiber. And due to the variety of packs and blends, you will never get tired of Ruvi drinks.

With these drinks, you can count on sustainable energy, easy access to important nutrients, and more. Basically, they aimed to make a drink that everyone could understand so it is easy to see how it can help.

How is Ruvi Made?

The Ruvi drink is made by taking whole fruits and vegetables and breaking them down into powder to create an all-natural drink mix with a freeze-drying process. Freeze drying is a process by which fruits and vegetables are picked at their peak, flash frozen, and dried and then are available for use.

Here are a few key advantages of freeze drying leveraged by Ruvi.

  • Fruits and Veggies in the traditional grocery shops are picked early and artificially ripened using chemicals while being transported over several days.  Thus they are never allowed to develop full nutrients and taste. Freeze drying process allows produce to ripen naturally before being picked. That ensures that they have up to 80% more nutrients than traditional store available produce.
  • Freeze drying is a natural preservation method. So Ruvi doesn’t need to contain chemical preservatives like the packaged juices available in the market.
  • Freeze dried product needs no refrigerator or freezer and can stay fresh for months and years. So you can just leave the Ruvi packets in your gym bag or car for anytime use!
  • Freeze drying reduces the weight and size of the produce, without reducing the nutrients or fiber (only water is removed). So it allows for  4 full servings of fruits and vegetables from just one packet of Ruvi. No more buying, storing and preparing in bulk to get all the different nutrients that your body needs.

Why your body needs Fruits and Veggies to Thrive?

What the doctors say?

The human body is a complex system that needs certain key elements to operate effectively. Doctors and nutritionists know and understand this, which is why there is such a huge focus on well-balanced diets and healthy meals. 

Many popular foods that people enjoy today are high in the wrong kinds of nutrients (delicious as they may be). They mostly focus less on what the body needs and more on making more food for less money. 

In fact, according to the Center for Disease Control, less than 10% of people eat the recommended fruit and vegetable servings in a given day.

Magic of Fruits

Fruits are one of nature’s greatest treats. But that doesn’t mean that the average person can find an easy way to enjoy them every day. 

Different fruits give us access to a variety of different vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals can provide us with quite a few benefits. 

Fruit plays a vital role in helping us to get Vitamin C, which is what most people rely on to boost their immune system. 

With Ruvi drinks, you can easily gain access to all of these vitamins. And they even include a variety of mixes and combinations. So you can make sure that all of your body’s needs are being met.

Produce Can:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Elevate and regulate your mood
  • Keep your body running as effectively as possible
  • Give you more energy
  • Help your body to fight against disease

How Ruvi Can Help

The fact is that the majority of foods that people eat don’t actually give them their daily nutrients. So it comes as no surprise that everyone is looking for easy ways to fix this.

Sometimes you want to have your cake and vitamins too! And sometimes you just want an easy way to get nutrients that won’t require too much effort. 

With Ruvi, you can get your vitamins without ever getting off the couch (if you so desire). Simply add water and enjoy!

The Four Ruvi Blends

Ruvi Boost – Immune and Skin!

Ruvi Boost Packet

The first thing you notice about Ruvi blends is that they come in bright, colorful packets. I believe, Ruvi consulted some color therapy experts while working on the design, as each packet translates the mood of the drink.

For example, Boost has a bright orange bag. I don`t know what about you, but I associate a good mood and positive emotions with this exact color.

I prefer to make my Boost Ruvi blend with flax milk. Sometimes I add some almond milk for additional sweetness. However, the Boost blend is pretty sweet in itself. I must admit sometimes I just lick the powder itself off a spoon like we all did when we were kids with those chemical powdered drinks.

However, for me, the Boost Ruvi Blend is the ultimate taste of joy! It energizes and helps keep your head up even on the gloomiest cloudy days. I like to add some protein powder and drink it after visiting the gym in the morning. I tend to feel pretty mellow after some exercises, and Boost Ruvi Drink kicks me back into reality.

Ingredients: Banana, Carrot, Mango, Peach, Pineapple, Butternut, Squash, Kiwi, Orange

Ruvi Active – Charge your Heart !

Ruvi Active Packet

Packed into that bright-red bag, Active Ruvi Blend looks so sporty and edgy that you instantly want to keep up! For me, it is an ultimate gym-day blend. With those ingredients and kicky flavors, Active Blend sets you into a proper mood right away!

And not just in the gym! Sometimes I chose the Active Ruvi blend once I know that I will have to work a bit harder today or make some important decisions. Those showery-sweet flavors make you feel like a whole new person – strong, decisive, and ready for action!

With some protein powder, it becomes a perfect after-gym snack. I also strongly recommend you to take the Active Ruvi drink with you to work, road-trip, or any occasion that will require some extra can-do attitude.

Ingredients: Fuji Apple, Tart cherry, Carrot, Raspberry, Butternut squash, Strawberry, Beet, Tomato

Ruvi Focus – Energy for your Brain!

Ruvi Focus Packet

Here comes the magic of colors again! Focus Ruvi Blend comes in a purple packet. I have done some research, and purple color has a powerful impact on our subconscious and helps us concentrate.

This blend combines all my favorite ingredients and flavors. So I prefer not to alter it with any plank milk or protein powder. I mix it with water in my Ruvi blender at the smoothie consistency. It is a perfect office snack!

Focus Ruvi Blend is very easy to prepare and store and provides you the necessary mid-day serving of veggies. And I don`t know whether it is the magic of color therapy again or those ingredients have some special effect on me, but Focus Blend helps me concentrate and be more productive even while working from home.

Ingredients: Blueberry, Grape, Blackberry, Banana, Strawberry, Broccoli, Zucchini, Spinach, Acai, Maqui berry

Stop relying on caffeine and other stimulants to get the most out of your workday. Instead, let this mental energy boost help you to take on any challenge. 

Ruvi Clean – Detox and Cleanse!

Ruvi Clean Packet

Boy, do I love that bright-green package! Once you want to start your day fresh Clean Ruvi Blend is your ultimate choice! It also works great for me once I need to take a break during the day and reboot myself. “Clean” is a perfect name for this blend as if “fresh start” or “new perspective” had a taste, that would be Clean Ruvi Blend.

Few people realize just how many toxins they take in from the food that they eat or even just from the world around us.

The fact is that many popular food products are made with stuff that you just should not have built up in your body (hello, fast food!).

This blend combines all the famous antioxidants like spinach and kale, blends them carefully, and gives you all the benefits of those veggies both for your body and mind. For me, Clean Ruvi Blend has become an ultimate breakfast drink. However, once you are not a big fan of green veggies, I`d recommend you to visit Ruvi`s website for add-on suggestions.

Ingredients: Grape, Fuji apple, Banana, Zucchini, Cucumber, Granny smith apple, Spinach, Kale

Making your Ruvi drink!

There are two ways to prepare your Ruvi drink:

Option A: If You want it as a thicker, smoothie-like consistency, make it with 7-8 ounces of cold water

Option B: To make a drink, add 9+ ounces of water

You may add fruits and vegetables at your choice to play with flavors and consistency. It is also a great idea to drink Ruvi Blend with a protein powder after a workout!

Your first order of Ruvi comes with a free shaker bottle that has a blender ball inside. The shaker can be used to easily mix and prepare a tasty Ruvi drink.

And you’re not limited to water. We have prepared Ruvi in a variety of ways and found the experiments to be exciting and rewarding.

1) Milk – This is best used with protein powder to make a wholesome and fulfilling drink.

2) Non dairy (Almond or coconut milk) – If you’re a vegan orintolerent to milk, you can still get your Ruvi with protein mix and almond milk for a great post workout drink.

3)Sweetner – The drinks are very tasty and can frankly be drank without any need for sweetner. But if you like them extra sweet, you can try adding some additional fruit like a banana to give you

With Ruvi, Your choice is unlimited. You can prepare a smoothie snack, a healthy drink, or a chemical-free sports supplement. You may also check our Ruvi`s official website for recipes and tips.

Price – Is Ruvi worth the cost?

Yes. Ruvi is in fact very cost effective. Each packer of Ruvi costs less than $4. Imagine having to go out and buy 8 different fruits and vegetables, clean then, store them and then prepare smoothies from them! With Ruvi, you get all the benefits without all the trouble and cost.

It is a very high-quality product that is very convenient to store and consume. The convenience and benefits provide immense value.

A monthly subscription to Ruvi provides 10% discount and a free shipping option. You make your selection of what and how much you want, and it would be conveniently shipped to your home. It would also ensure that you’re never out of your supply of the fruit and vegetable mix powder. And yes, you can modify or cancel it at any time.

Making it Easy to Eat Healthy

Even if you are pretty good about eating healthy, you have to admit that sometimes it is hard. 

Popular drink mixes and smoothie options might taste great. But making them can take up a lot more time than you want to spend in a day. 

Everyone loves a good smoothie, and people definitely love what a well-made smoothie can do for their bodies. Still, the fact remains that making smoothies can take a lot of time.

Making a Smoothie Means:

  • Finding the right ingredients
  • Cleaning the produce
  • Chopping the produce
  • Making the drink
  • Post-smoothie clean-up

Who has that much free time?

With Ruvi, you can get all of the benefits of a well-made smoothie with absolutely none of the mess.

Instead of taking time to make a complex drink or find new recipes, you can use Ruvi to get exactly what you want. Then you can get right back to focusing on that chaotic work calendar.

With Ruvi, it is incredibly easy to get target nutrients designed to give your body exactly what it needs.

All the said above may already look like a solid reason to try Ruvi. But wait a minute. Ruvi is indeed an innovative product, and you may naturally want to learn more about it. 

Here are key reasons why we recommend using Ruvi everyday as part of your healthy daily routine.

15 Reasons to drink Ruvi daily

#1 You get pure Fruits and Veggies!

Yes, we may not be acquainted, but I am almost certain that you and your family members don’t get enough fruits and veggies every day. It is a simple statistic – only 1 in 10 Americans adults get enough fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. 

And honestly, it is not our fault! Our food habits have been shaping by commercials and the market for decades. Lack of time and energy to pick, prepare, and store greenery properly, and many other factors have completed the picture for us. 

Eventually, even if you sincerely want to live a happier, healthier life, it may be challenging. Ruvi is ready to take the lead for you. Each Ruvi packet is prepared and perfectly balanced for your diet and nutrition needs. It provides you the exact necessary serving of fruits and veggies every day.

#2 You get exactly what you need

Some might think that there is no need to easting fruits and vegetables today. The market is full of various vitamins and food supplies

But multivitamins and supplements have never even been intended to replace actual fruits and vegetables. They may be a convenient and effective supportive measure, but they still fail in 3 main points:

  • Nutrition – no pill will ever be able to contain the essential nutrients your body needs;
  • Fiber – each Ruvi packed includes the exact amount of dietary fiber. A regular vitamin pill cannot contain it. Dietary fiber is a crucial element that reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and many other diseases;
  • Minerals and antioxidants – those elements reduce the natural process of cell and tissue damage (aka aging). And again, no pill can hold the necessary amount per day.

While taking multivitamins is efficient support and prophylactics, they cannot replace the necessary serving of fruits and vegetables per day. But Ruvi packet can provide it.

#3 Ruvi provides your body with pure and natural phytonutrients

Our bodies have been forming through thousands of years of evolution. However, the progress sometimes moves much faster than Nature could have ever imagined. 

As a result, we often get exposed to new elements and chemicals that our bodies cannot digest. It means that with the modern development of farming, GMOs, and other agriculture technologies, we get hardly digestible products

In the best-case scenario, they go through unnoticed. So eventually, even eating a fruit or vegetable is sometimes not more nutritious than a piece of cotton. 

Ruvi is a result of the hard work of qualified nutrition experts. It contains polyphenols, lignins, flavonoids, carotenoids, and other crucial elements. Those components are naturally familiar to our system and are easily digestible. 

That is how Ruvi helps our bodies to restore, develop, and fight back any hazard.

#4 Take control over your appetite

If you are interested in diet and healthy nutrition, you must be familiar with the term “simple carbs”. Those may satiate you for a while. But since our bodies break them down pretty fast, the hunger comes back with vengeance. 

Ruvi drinks contain ultimate servings of complex carbs. It means that their nutrient qualities allow you to take control of your appetite and provide your body with healthy nutrition.

#5 The obvious health benefits

Let’s go back to that “apple a day” phrase. The health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables every day are truly undeniable. 

Veggies help you take blood sugar and cholesterol under control. They reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke and even help to prevent various kinds of cancer. 

With Ruvi, you get a chance to provide your body with the ultimate weaponry against any hazard effortlessly!

#6 Ruvi has balanced everything for you

Scientists have proven that fruits and vegetables come in different colors for a reason. Those colors indicate certain vitamins, elements, and nutrients they contain. That is how you can pick products that your body needs right now. 

Technically, this is a beautiful theory, and it works in the wild. Animals know for sure what kind of greenery to eat and what to avoid. But people have already lost all those instincts.

Some fruits and vegetables may be better for us than others. But it may take solid research to work out a perfectly balanced diet that would consider all the conditions and demands of your body right now. 

That is why Ruvi has a team of qualified healthcare and nutrition experts who have come up with original recipes. They also use innovative freeze preservation technology. It allows you to benefit the most from the exact fruits and vegetables your body needs right now!

#7 You just never get bored with it

Let`s be honest a healthy diet is great, but at some point, you just get tired of eating the same fruits and vegetables every day. And what about your kids? 

Every parent knows the struggle of feeding veggies to children and how inventive you have to be sometimes. Even the Internet is not a bottomless pit of recipes and lifehacks. Eventually, every diet subsides! 

But not with Ruvi! The variety of possibilities you get from those healthy drinks is so wide that you will never get bored or tired from trying them. And the best thing – no more hourly cooking or experimenting: Ruvi took care of everything for you!

#8 This is not another supplement!

It might have been the first thing that came to your mind when you saw Ruvi: “Great, another supplement!”. 

Supplements are quite a controversial topic in sports and diet. The Internet is full of data, and you may conduct your research. But the most important thing to understand is that Ruvi is not a supplement. 

Supplements often aim at pretty unnatural and unhealthy goals. Those may be mass gain, energy boost, or improvement of athletic performance. Supplements tend to contain more synthetic elements than natural ingredients. The consequences of their consumption may be quite sad. 

As for Ruvi, it has never been positioned or aimed to be a supplement. The only goal that Ruvi ever had was supplying you with a healthy and necessary serving of fruits and veggies. 

That is why it consists of pure and natural ingredients without any synthetic or chemical add-ons.

#9 Make sure you benefit the most!

The freeze-drying technology that Ruvi uses is a guarantee that you get the most of every fruit and vegetable you consume. 

Ruvi makes sure to catch fruits and vegetables in their best bioavailability. It means that all the vitamins and elements they contain are in the finest condition. They are perfectly digestible, so you benefit from all the nutritious potential of every fruit and vegetable you consume through Ruvi.

#10 It is just convenient!

No more containers or plastic bags that take a lot of place, tear and crack at the worst moment. Forget about surfing the web for storing lifehacks. 

With Ruvi, you can take the necessary supply of fruits and vegetables to school, work, or wherever you want every day. You may enjoy a healthy snack at home while taking your kids to the park. Even stuck in a traffic jam, you may enjoy your healthy Ruvi snack. 

Ruvi appreciates your time and makes sure that everybody can get the necessary fruit and vegetable servings every day. And it does not matter how crazy the pace of life may become!

#11 Simple Preparation

When you make Ruvi, there is absolutely nothing to it. Simply pour the packet into a water bottle or glass and give it a shake or stir. You’ll have a full set of servings from natural freeze-dried ingredients that are designed to help your body operate like it was meant to.

You enjoy it at room temperature or mix it with some nice cold water. Either way, you can count on a delicious drink that will help you to do right by your body.

#12 Targeted Health Boost

The real beauty of Ruvi is that you can easily adjust your nutrients on the fly depending on what you need. 

If you know that you have a big presentation or test, the Energy For Your Brain drink might be exactly what you need. On the other hand, if you know that you plan on working out, the Charge Your Heart option might be more helpful instead. 

Instead of driving to the grocery store to pick up these ingredients, you can simply grab a Ruvi packet. Enjoy immediate benefits, while also adding a tasty touch of hydration to your day. 

Using the various Ruvi blends, you can make sure that your body absolutely thrives.

#13 Get back your time

The best part about Ruvi is the fact that it leaves you with more room to be human. 

As nice as it would be, most people can’t make delicious smoothies every single day. It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of effort. 

Honestly, getting the right foods in any capacity can be nearly impossible some days. Getting up early to make a smoothie isn’t always possible (and, frankly, sometimes you just don’t want to). 

When you just spent the entire day working, sometimes the best you can do is grab fast food on the way home. Eating healthy is a commitment, and even the most dedicated people can struggle to keep a perfectly balanced diet.

Ruvi Saves You Time For:

  • A quick yoga practice
  • A break at work
  • A few extra minutes of sleep
  • Relaxing after a hard day
  • A less stressful commute

#14 Keep your health commitments anywhere

With Ruvi, you can forgive yourself for missing out on that fruit cup or for not getting that kale salad for lunch. This drink mix makes it easy for you to get the nutrients that you need whether you have time or not. 

As long as you can take a minute to fill up a water bottle, then you can enjoy a healthy serving of fruits and vegetables to help boost your health.

You can use Ruvi:

  • At the gym
  • In a meeting
  • At your desk
  • On your couch
  • During your commute

#15 The Taste Factor

Making a product that allows people to really embrace a healthy lifestyle was Ruvi team’s main goal, but they wanted a little more. 

Though fruits and veggies are always pretty delicious, the fact is that they don’t always taste great when they are combined, particularly in the world of health drinks. That is why they aimed to make drinks that taste great in addition to offering quality ingredients.

Each of the Ruvi mixes was made for certain perks, but they put in a little extra work when it came to making something that tasted as good as it felt. 

Fortunately, with these awesome mixes, you can enjoy the benefits of eating full servings of fruit and vegetables while also drinking something that is delicious too.

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Ruvi drink was made for people who want the best for their bodies. 

The Ruvi team knows that life is crazy and that it isn’t always easy to get the good foods that you need. If you are one of the busy people who don’t want to compromise a healthy lifestyle just because they are spending every waking hour taking over the world, Ruvi was made for you. 

Enjoy real fruits and vegetables, obvious health benefits, and a delicious drink at the same time. You can buy these amazing products here!

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