Juice vs Smoothie vs Ruvi – Our recommendation?

Juice vs Smoothie vs Ruvi Drink

Nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Of course, proper servings of fruits and vegetables are the foundation of any diet.

Why did we decide to discuss juices, smoothies, and Ruvi drinks in this article? Sometimes it is uncomfortable to stock tons of fruits and vegetables in your house. They are not always handy to take with you to work or put into your kid`s lunchbox. After all, you will need a healthier beverage for your kids than soda. Yes, water is the best drink, but we have those taste buds for a reason and drinking only water becomes boring at some point.

Good old or new and progressive?

We are all well aware of the benefits of drinking juices. However, this topic is still controversial. Not all juices that you may find on a supermarket shelf today are equally healthful. We would even say more: most of them are not juices at all! But let`s discuss it later.

However, smoothies are a relevant novelty. You must have started noticing them in celebrities` social media several years ago. And almost instantly, they have become a staple in diets for those who want to lose weight, normalize blood pressure, improve skin quality, etc.

But what is Ruvi?

Ruvi drinks are an innovative concept in nutrition. The creators of Ruvi managed to combine ancient wisdom and knowledge about fruits and veggies consumption with innovative solutions. They also managed to eliminate potential dangers of low quality or chemically-altered products.

And how do you know if you are eating enough veggies if you have just started your healthy nutrition journey? Ruvi nutrition experts came up with carefully-balanced recipes that consider your weight, diet, lifestyle, and goals to provide the exact serving of veggies for you.

But let`s not get ahead of ourselves! In this article, we shall try to dig into the matter. There is a fundamental difference between Juices, Smoothies, and Ruvi drinks. But after all, the decision is up to you!

Is drinking fruits and vegetables enough?

It is an important matter. Juices, smoothies, and Ruvi drinks complement your everyday diet with an additional serving of fruits and vegetables. Eating actual fruits and vegetables is very important.

The textures and fibers of whole foods, their physical characteristics are as important as vitamins and elements that they contain. They keep your face muscles toned, forcing you to chew more intensively. It helps to prevent skin and muscle tone loss in your Jawline. It is the most common reason for premature aging.

As you see, fruits and vegetables don`t only make you feel better, but they help you look younger! Another reason to eat raw veggies is the stimulation of your stomach and bowel muscles. The overall tonus of your digestion system is very important. It provides a healthy lifespan and reproduction of every cell in your body.

So, no matter whether you prefer juices, smoothies, or go for innovative nutrition solutions like Ruvi, eating fruits and vegetables is very important. Veggie drinks help you maintain healthy hydration and complement your diet.

In that case, is there any difference between juices, smoothies, and Ruvi drinks?

Do you know what you are drinking?

Let`s put the differences aside for a minute and discuss the similarities between juices, smoothies, and Ruvi drinks. Their ingredients and origin, to be precise.

You may think that this does not matter as they all come from fruits and vegetables. According to this logic, juices, smoothies, and Ruvi drinks are supposed to be equally healthy. Well, you wish life was that easy.

Unfortunately, more than half of products you may consider healthy today have nothing to do with being organic or even natural. Yes, when you buy your juice and smoothies from a bar, where they prepare a drink right in front of you, it is a guarantee that there are no add-ons or chemical boosters. Spoiler alert – there is no guarantee. But we shall speak about it later.

Most of us buy our juices ready from supermarkets. We choose according to the recognizability and credibility of the brand. And let`s be honest, we hardly ever go through the contents of the product. Ok, maybe you do to make sure that there is no sugar and the juice is 100% natural.

If you didn`t do that before, get ready to be surprised how hard it is to find a 100% natural juice in a supermarket today. Except for sugar, there is a whole range of colorings, flavor enhancers, and other chemicals. They are supposed to make the product more attractive and, yes, tastier. However, eventually, those juices are not too much different from any soda drink.

My juice is 100% natural!

Let`s imagine you got lucky and found that perfect product that does not contain any add-ons at all. There is some bad news for you also. Food companies are the most money-hungry (pun intended) businesses on the market. They are looking for ways to provide more products and carry less associated costs.

Even if a brand was brave enough to put aside chemicals, sugar, and colorings, they still have a way to produce more juice for less money and sell it longer. Most supermarket juices are the so-called stabilized drinks. Yes, they don’t contain any sugar or flavor enhancers. The only add-on you can find there is water. They come from concentrated juices.

Those concentrates are frozen or canned so they can survive transportation to the manufacturing branches. Needless to say that simple rough freezing destroys most of the vitamins and elements of the fruit.

As for the canned products, we all know the dangers they hide. Once damaged even slightly, a can starts to release chemicals into the product. Once a manufacturer decided to optimize costs, those may be lethally dangerous elements and even lead. And then they take this concentrate, add some water and sell it to your children!

So, in the best-case scenario, the 100% natural juice you buy in a supermarket is just overpriced flavored water.

Smoothies are a whole new story!

The main difference between smoothies and juices is that you don’t squish fruits to make them – you blend. The obvious benefit, in this case, is that smoothies contain those precious fibers in them.

By the way, there are two types of fibers, and their proportion and concentration define the benefits of your drink.

  • Soluble fibers – they help to lower cholesterol and protect those useful bacteria in your gut. You may find those fibers in apples, pears, plums, and most berries.
  • Insoluble fibers – those stimulate your digestion system and provide healthy bowel movements. Celery, carrot, cucumbers, and nuts are full of them.

So the answer looks pretty clear smoothies are the best for you! They contain fibers and adjust to your needs and tastes. And as long as you are making them in your home blender, there are no chemicals or sugar. Even in a smoothie bar, you are sure about their quality because they cook them right in front of you.

Did we make our decision?

If it were true, life would be so much easier! Unfortunately, even if you have bought all the ingredients yourself or order your smoothie in a bar, there is no guarantee that your drink won`t contain any chemicals and pesticides.

Remember how we talked about money-hungry food companies? Unfortunately, most farmers are just as greedy. Eager to collect a bigger harvest, they often adopt agricultural practices that either force fruits and vegetables grow faster or protect them from external threats.

We have all hear about GMO. This technology helps collect a bigger harvest that grows faster and is more resistant to insects or weather change. However, the safety of those products is still a subject for long-lasting studies. The long-term effect of eating those products remains unclear. In other words, you may not get sick from eating GMO right away. But its impact on your future health and wellbeing of your children is still a mystery.

And of course, let`s not forget about good old pesticides. Efficient against insects and parasites, they can cause allergies, irritations, and even cancer. Unfortunately, washing an apple is not enough. Pesticides and nitrates penetrate the very core of a plant, turning its fruits into ultimate time-bombs.

So what`s the deal with Ruvi?

Maybe the picture that we have drawn until now is a bit grim. But this is what we are dealing with once trying to switch to a healthier diet. Neither farmers nor food manufacturers are up for charity. They will always find a way to offer you more product for less money. But please don`t kid yourself. They have managed to find a way to benefit from lower manufacturing costs, and competitive prices are just one more essential marketing practice.

As for Ruvi, this is also a manufactured product. However, their innovative technology and policy are fundamentally different from traditional farming or juice manufacture.

Ruvi is an ethical product.

Let`s start at the very beginning. From its very first days, Ruvi determined its policy towards commodities purchase and manufacture. Fruits and vegetables that Ruvi drinks contain, come from organic farms only.

Ruvi`s observes and certifies its suppliers and only conducts purchases according to the fair trade principles. It means that Ruvi does not only control the quality of their commodities but supports fair labor policies and ethical manufacture. Needless to mention that most exotic fruits and vegetables you buy today come from farms and countries with poor labor conditions. They may even exploit human trafficking and child labor. That is the price of a cheap banana.

Ruvi takes care of you!

So, how does Ruvi manage to collect all those fruits and vegetables, store and preserve them for you? The secret lies in the freeze-drying technology.

Wait a minute! Didn`t we just say that freezing destroys all the useful vitamins and elements in a fruit? Well, it does, once you just through fruit or bottle of juice in a freezer. But Ruvi takes some extra time and effort to preserve all those precious elements for you.

Ruvi freezes dried fruits and vegetables. In this case, all the beneficial elements, including vitamins and all types of fibers, remain intact. So, by drinking Ruvi, you get all the benefits of high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Ruvi is a modern way to be healthy.

Nutrition and cleanness of your drinks are undoubtfully the most important factors. But in the XXI century, we have a right to demand more than just clean products from manufacturers. We want our veggies to stay fresh longer, be easy to store and take anywhere, and of course, various and ingenious.

And Ruvi provides all those features instantly. With their innovative packaging and storing technologies, you can be sure to get and provide your family with the exact necessary serving of fruits and vegetables every day! And without the need to prepare, separate, and wash the dishes later on. Those who have ever washed a blender after use will instantly recognize all the benefits!


Healthy living is the ultimate trend today. The modern market offers lots of products that will help you live and eat healthier. Unfortunately, just like any trend, a healthy lifestyle has ultimately become a hunting ground for business predators. Eventually, it becomes really hard to see the difference between an ultimately healthy and natural nutrition and a chemical-infused imposter.

It is only up to you, whether to chose juices, smoothies, or Ruvi as your daily healthy drinks. In this article, we just gave you some food for thought that will help you make an informed decision.

Do you prefer juices, smoothies, or Ruvi drinks? And what do you consider while choosing a drink?

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